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The Pilates Reformer Machine

Matwork or Apparatus Pilates?

The mat is the most basic element of the Pilates system, you can practice it anywhere, without any necessity for apparatus- just you and your mat! Joe Pilates created the Matwork as your homework to practice Pilates between your studio sessions where you would always work the full system on the whole apparatus. Which is why we will always still do Matwork as it's important for people to learn adn be able to do themselves, anywhere, anytime,.

But working against gravity, with just your bodyweight as resistance, and no support of the springs and straps, means Matwork is a tough challenge on it's own.

To lengthen your spine, find lift and space, gain support for your weak muscles, challenge and push those muscles into working and give your body the feedback it needs, you want to ensure your Pilates always includes apparatus!

Apparatus is the true work of Pilates. It's what you would focus on in Joe's studio, and makes the change to the body and mind faster than matwork alone. Many people think you need to wait until you are strong enough or experienced to work on apparatus, but that's not the case. The apparatus helps you, supports you, challenges you, gets you working more efficiently and effectively.

The Universal Reformer (pictured above) is the butter to the bread that Matwork is. They have distinct orders to them, along with transitions to link each exercise to the next one. The smaller apparatus props fine tune your body, work on your individual needs and make big changes to how you perform in your matwork and reformer.

As a classically trained studio, we are uniquely qualified to teach you in the authentic way.

"Joseph Pilates never intended his method to stand alone into separate parts with matwork or Reformer. We don't either, which is why our Semi private Studio classes are the unique traditional way to ideally do your workouts. As Joe intended, our approach is integrative, combining mat, Reformer, Pedi Pole, barrels and more for the best all round programme, providing the full benefits that Pilates can offer."



If you are new to us and the Classical Pilates method..

...start with one of our Intro Packages.

In pain, back disc issues or joint conditions?

Our Pilates classes are designed as Joe Pilates meant them to be, for the healthy bodied to enjoy a whole body conditioning workout.

If you are suffering from pain, or have a medically diagnosed condition- whether it's back or joint pain, pelvic prolapse, hernia, torn muscles etc, general Pilates classes are not the place for you. You want 1:1 Pilates help to give you a suitable programme that's right for you, that will challenge your body effectively and give it the support it needs, until you are out of pain and can join a regular class for maintenance.

If you are not sure, please email us to chat more about your issues before booking.
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Try our modified Pregnancy Pilates Class on a Saturday 11am. Suitable for 2nd and third trimesters with modifications carried out to adapt to the changes happening at this period of your pregnancy. If you have been practicing Pilates with us before becoming pregnant, you are able to continue with classes as normal until around 16 weeks. If you are new to us or Pilates, wait until your 12 weeks scan and start on the Pregnancy class. Every pregnancy is unique and adjustments will be made for your own individual energy levels and feelings. Please check first with your medical practitioner to be signed off to exercise.