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The Pilates Reformer Machine

What is Matwork Pilates?

The mat is the most basic element of the Pilates system - the foundation upon which all else rests. We call it the bread and butter of Pilates. Once you understand about Matwork and your own body, you can go on to add elements such as Barre Class, Reformer etc. In Matwork, your own body provides the resistance without the aid of springs, pulleys and levers, working against gravity to build strength and develop flexibility.  The lack of hardware also means a lack of support, often making the floor exercises the most challenging for the core!

Mat based exercises can help develop strength, flexibility, endurance and posture. 
With only 8 people in our classes, enjoy the fun class environment but with the rewards of such close attention from the instructor, ensuring you aren’t just going through the motions! We also use small equipment such as resistance bands, foam rollers, fitness circles, stability balls, arc barrels, poles and toning balls to give your classes fun and variation by both assisting and challenging the body.

If you are new to Pilates...

...start with a 4 week Beginners Pilates Intro to Matwork course. After this, you can buy Matwork credits to use on any of our Matwork or Barre Style Classes across 7 days a week, coming when you want to, how many times you want to.

If you are experienced in Pilates already...

...you can simply buy Matwork credits and come into classes. (we do them 7 days a week!) We would advise Intermediate classes if you are a regular go-er and want the challenge, or Essential if you want less or a challenge and/or have specific issues of concern.

Had a break in Pilates for a while?

Try a 1:1 first to refresh your basics before coming back into classes.

In pain?

Our Pilates classes are designed as Joe Pilates meant them to be, for the healthy bodied to enjoy a whole body conditioning workout.

If you are suffering from pain, or have a medically diagnosed condition- whether it's back or joint pain, pelvic prolapse, hernia, torn muscles etc, general Pilates classes are not the place for you. You want 1:1 Pilates help to give you a suitable programme that's right for you, that will challenge your body effectively and give it the support it needs, until you are out of pain and can join a regular class for maintenance.

A Pilates 1:1 will work on the exercises suitable for you in the Pilates method, both on Matwork and Reformer whilst adding in smaller props and giving you helpful homework exercises for fine tuning.

If you are not sure, please email us to chat more about your issues before booking.
Purchase PT credits, and book now! Sessions available 7 days a week.


Try our modified Pregnancy Pilates Class on a Saturday 11am. Suitable for 2nd and third trimesters with modifications carried out to adapt to the changes happening at this period of your pregnancy. If you have been practicing Pilates with us before becoming pregnant, you are able to continue with Essential Matwork classes as normal until around 16 weeks. If you are new to Pilates, wait until your 12 weeks scan and start on the Pregnancy class. We do not advise taking Intermediate classes. Every pregnancy is unique and adjustments will be made for your own individual energy levels and feelings. Please check first with your medical practitioner to be signed off to exercise.

What is Pilates Reformer?

Have you ever heard of machine Pilates? No? Most people haven’t and those that have seen it, think it looks like some medieval torture rack! But that can’t be further from the truth. The Reformer will ‘reform’ your life. When celebs say they “do Pilates” they are usually talking about the Reformer.

In basic terms, the Reformer is a machine, like a sliding bed attached to springs to provide a resistance. This adjustable resistance helps you to ‘reform’ muscular imbalances, tone, strengthen and lengthen the body without adding bulk, for a fantastic all over body workout, adding in challenge to your core against an unstable surface and increased tone for the arms and legs more than Matwork. We also add in the use of small Matwork equipment plus our great Reformer Jumpboards for a cardio workout!

The reformer works to lengthen whilst strengthening the muscles rather than building bulk. It therefore makes for an effective, non impact stretching and toning programme that is safe for the joints and favoured by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

Reformer is particularly useful for:

  • Helping those with specific injuries and weak abs get a programme started and get out of pain- 1:1 programme
  • For those that like the extra challenge in their workout, push your body and see faster results with the use of an unstable carriage in order to make your body work harder- 1:1 or Twin Reformer Classes
  • Tried Matwork before and found it  too slow for you?
    Try Reformer, you’ll love it!
  • Pregnant mums. The variety of exercise options available is increased by the use of the Reformer and the resistance it provides is extremely valuable- 1:1 programme

Joseph Pilates never intended either Matwork or Reformer to stand alone. His approach was integrative, combining mat and machine for the best all round programme, providing the full benefits that Pilates can offer.

Reformer is available to use in our 1:1 sessions, or in a 1 hour class in Twin Reformer, or as part of the traditional props and apparatus class Equipment Pilates.