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One of the great benefits of Pilates is how it will make you feel stronger and more flexible. Here at the Pod, we understand that you need flexibility in other ways too. Thanks to our credit system, we've always offered much more flexibility than other Pilates classes in the area. Here's how:

  1. If you are new, you start with one of our Intro Packages below. You can buy both packages at the same time, or one after the other. These sessions are discounted and will allow you to experience the full Pilates system with apparatus and matwork combined.
  2. Following that, you simply buy credits for classes and/or Private Training. You are in charge of a) how cheap you want the sessions by selecting the amount of credits you wish b) how much flexibility you need on your credits, choose longer or shorter expiries depending on your needs.
  3. Your credit "pot" can be used on all of our classes, so you can choose to come as often as you like, when you like, for what sessions you like. You don't have to commit to a particular day or time, and can mix things up as much as you want / need to.
  4. We give you extra flexibility up front added on to your credits to use your sessions. Most Pilates classes are set up as a course. If you miss a week, you lose your money. Our credits last for 3 months (singles and blocks of 5) or 6 months (blocks of 10 and 20) giving you loads of time to use them, even if you have to miss a class here or there. We've got some extras too incase you want to pay monthly, annually or just get an even better deal!
  5. You can cancel a session without losing your credit with 24 hours notice, so if something unexpected happens your credit goes back into your pot and you can re book for another session.

Courses, classes and personal training sessions can be purchased online, over the phone or in the studio. All prices shown below include VAT at 20%.

Credit Expiry - Important

Please note the expiry dates of your credits. Credits start their expiry from date of purchase unless stated otherwise. Credits are non-refundable, non-transferrable and must be used within the expiry period or they are automatically forfeited. A credit extension is however available to purchase for classes and PT costing £25 for a one month extension from the original expiry date. You can only purchase one extension per block of credits.


We recommend all clients start with one of our Intro Packages. You can buy 1 then the other, or both at once.

1. Private Training Intro Package - 3 x 1:1's £120. To use in 2 weeks from your first session. Work around the whole studio at a fundamental level new to our studio and new to Classical Pilates. Or perhaps you wish to work on specific areas like pelvic floor health, yoga lessons or dance or Barre. Ask for specialist teachers for this.

2. Group Intro Unlimited Package- £60. Come to as many semi private studio classes as you like within 3 weeks from your first session. In this shared private session of up to people, you will learn the fundamental exercises and orders that make up Pilates from Matwork and Reformer, adding in fine tuning body needs exercises with arm springs, roll back bar, breathing bridging, wall endings and hand weights.



1 credit- Matwork / Equipment Class / Pregnancy, Postnatal

2 credits- Semi Private Studio sessions on apparatus (4 people max) and Twin Reformer classes (2 per class)

Uniquely to The Pilates Pod, you can use credits across all types of classes. We encourage you to participate in one mat based and one apparatus session per week minimum.

* Please note Post natal is discounted to £60 if you are booking the 5 week set term dates, or choose regular class credits below if you want to choose which weeks you wish to attend and to use on any of the weeks you wish to attend.



Price per class

Single (pay as you go) Expiry 3 months



5 credits Expiry 3 months



10 credits Expiry 6 months



10 credits - 8 Week Expiry



20 credits Expiry 6 months



Monthly Block

10 Classes per month. The monthly block costs £100 per month, and gives you 10 classes a month, every month, for a minimum of 3 months. You can start on any day of the month, and on the same date every month, a block of 10 classes will be placed on your account. The block is valid until the same date on the following month, when it will be replaced by another block of 10 classes. Payment is by credit / debit card, which needs to be valid for a minimum of 6 months from date of purchase. Unused classes cannot be carried forward past the expiry date.

£100 .00
per month


Annual Block
includes 10% OFF retail*

The Annual membership block gives you 200 classes for £1,900 - equating to £9.50 per class. To allow for holidays, illness or other interruptions to your training schedule, the block runs for 13 months rather than 12. The block must be paid for in full at date of purchase. *Excludes gift vouchers

£1900 p.a






Price per session

Single Session



Single Session - 30mins



5 Sessions



10 Sessions



20 Sessions



Duet - Single Session
(£30 per person)



Post natal 5 week term

See website for term dates.

Please note Post Natal is discounted £60 when you are booking onto the 5 week term dates, or otherwise purchase regular class credits for the weeks you wish to attend.

We recommend you stay on Postnatal for 2-3 terms before moving back to regular classes.




Home Workout Programme & PT session

Whatever your goal, we can devise and teach you a personalised programme. Please call us to book with reception and give us info on your goals, what you want from the sessiona and if you have any home Pilates equipment you would like us to add in.

We write your own personalised programme, you come in for a 1:1 session to go over your programme in person (this can also be arranged via skype.)